7 July Framme i Jackson

Resan hit gick bra. Lugn och bra resa men lång förstås. Har nu varit uppe i 24 timmar. Efter besök på hamburgerbar och bankomat går vi nu till sängs. Imorgon bitti väntar shopping: american pancake-mix och annan mat för tältare. Sedan åker vi till Grand Teton National Park för att leta tältplats. Tomorrow  Grand Teton National Park after some shopping. Tired now but trip from Sweden went well. After a burger we will hit the sack.

5 July

Yes, it’s finally vacation!
I am trying to relax after some hectic days in the office, and also gives me some time to start packing.
But what to pack is always the big question….. Well, looking at the forecast it looks like I do not to take that many big sweaters 🙂

The weather outlook for the first week in Grand Teton National Park (and also for Yellowstone) looks fantastic with plenty of sunshine and temperates from 25C to 30C!! I can’t wish for a better start…. now let’s hope that the weatherman has his predictions right this time around!


Map of planned trip

7-28 Jul 2014

    Grand Teton  – North Cascades 1 392 km; västerut mot kusten

    Olympic – San Francisco  1 420 km; söderut längs kusten

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Some pictures from google.com

  Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming


Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming


North Cascades National Park, Washington
 Olympic National Park, Washington

Pacific West Coast of Washington, Oregon & California

Napa Valley,



San Francisco,California




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